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Arriving in Canada

  • What to expect at customs and immigration

    Fill out your Canada Customs Declarations Form

    • Before you land in Canada, the flight attendant will provide you with a Canada Customs Declarations Form (also known as the Customs Card).
    • The Canada Border Services Agency website provides information about this declarations form. Fill out this form on the flight.

    Go to Customs/Immigration

    • When you arrive at the airport in Canada, you will see signs in both English and French to direct you. Follow the signs that read Arrivals and Customs (also known as the immigration area).
    • When you arrive at Customs, there will be lines for Canadian citizens and non-Canadian citizens. Make sure you get in the appropriate line.

    Get your study permit (if applicable)

    • At Customs, you must indicate that you are coming to Canada to study. They will then tell you to present your travel documents and study permit.  
      • If it is your first time studying in Canada and you applied for your study permit outside of Canada, you will not yet have your study permit. You will instead have a Letter of Introduction which confirms your study permit was approved. Show the officer this letter. 
    • Next, you will speak to an immigration officer at your port of entry (most likely your port of entry will be in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver).
      • The immigration official will examine your documents. If everything is correct, the official will give you your study permit. 
  • Review your study permit for accuracy