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Transportation from the airport

Free Airport Pickup Program

  • Program details

    Arriving in Canada for the first time can be stressful and having to co-ordinate your transportation in a new city can make that experience even more difficult. That is why UOIT is pleased to provide the free Airport Pickup Program.

    Step 1: Read the Eligibility, Program availability and Additional guests sections below.

    Step 2: Register for the service.

  • Eligibility

    • This program is available one time only to newly admitted UOIT students.
      • If you were enrolled in CultureWorks prior to admission and are re-entering Canada after a trip, you are not eligible for this service.
      • If you are a current UOIT student who is returning from a trip, you are not eligible for this service.
      • If you are first studying at the UOIT English Language Centre (ELC), contact them and they will arrange your transportation.
    • This program is only free for newly admitted UOIT students.
    • Each UOIT student must submit their own request. Do not submit one request form for multiple students.
  • Program availability period