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International Student Orientation

  • What is International Student Orientation and When Is It?

    International Student Orientation (ISO) is a free orientation for international, exchange and visiting students (both graduate and undergraduate).

    ISO is separated into two events: Day 1 (Formal Orientation) and Day 2 (Orientation Social)

    ISO Day 1 - Formal Orientation  ISO Day 2 - Orientation Social
    • Date:  Friday, January 6
    • Location:  Business and Information Technology Building, Atrium
    • Time: to be posted mid-December
    • Date:  Saturday, January 14
    • Location and time: to be posted mid-December

    Opportunity to:

    • Meet new international students, current students, and staff.
    • Learn more about Canadian culture.
    • Hear about the transitional experiences of your peers.
    • Learn how to navigate within the UOIT system.
    • Learn about your responsibilities as a temporary resident of Canada.
    • Learn about differences in studying here compared to your previous education system.
    • Find out about the various campus services and how they can support you during your studies.
    • Get your learning tool (laptop) and student ID.

    Opportunity to:

    • Further connect with other newly arrived international and exchange students.
    • Continue asking your questions to our knowledgeable upper-year ISO leaders.
    • Learn more about Canadian culture.
    • Participate in fun activities.
    • Become more connected with the UOIT community.

    Please note: Topics covered in ISO are not the same as those in the Graduate Student Orientation and September Orientation. We highly recommend you attend all orientations that are relevant to you.

  • Register for orientation

    Registration will open Thursday, December 1.

  • Required documents