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University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

International and exchange students are typically not eligible for Ontario health care coverage like permanent residents and citizens of Canada. However, it is mandatory that they possess health insurance coverage during their studies at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. 

UHIP coverage is compulsory for:

  • All international students (excluding sponsored students).
  • All international visiting scholars and researchers.
  • All international exchange students.
  • Recent permanent residents.
  • Returning Canadian citizens in their three-month Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) waiting period.

UHIP is available to:

  • Eligible dependent family members.

To learn more about UHIP, visit or contact

General information

  • How much does UHIP cost?

    A UHIP premium is added to the account of international students registered in classes at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The current premium can be found in the Money Matters section. Exceptions to the premiums are made only for students who are on various government sponsorships.

  • When does my UHIP coverage begin?

    UHIP coverage begins at the start of the semester month in which a student begins their studies. For Fall start programs, students will have coverage from September 1. The UHIP coverage period ends on August 31 and will be reinstated for students continuing their studies for the following academic year. Students who arrive before September 1 should notify the Iinternational Education for assistance.

  • How do I access my UHIP?

    Please refer to this easy, step-by-step guide to registration for your UHIP card.  If you have difficulty registering, contact Sun Life Financial Customer Care Centre at 1.866.500.8447 any business day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

    As a UHIP member, you can register on the My Sun Life website using your assigned university email address.

    This gives you online access to:

    • Download the Sun Life Mobile App.
    • Print your coverage card and customized claim forms.
    • Replace your card if you lose it.
    • See your available health coverage.
    • Sign up for direct deposit of your claims reimbursements to your bank account.
    • Track the status and details of your claims.
  • How do I submit a claim?

    Visit the How do I make a claim? page on the UHIP website for information on how to submit a UHIP claim, or contact International Education for assistance.

  • How do I print my coverage card

    You can print your coverage card once you have registered.  To print your coverage card you must go to

    Step 1:  Go to and  enter your access ID and password and select the sign in button.

    Step 2:  Select Coverage information from the Home page.

    Step 3:  Select Print my coverage card from under Resources.

    You must show your coverage card when you visit a hospital or doctors office.

  • How do I add a dependent such as my spouse or children?

    To add a dependent, contact International Education

After graduation

  • What happens after I graduate?

    When an International student graduates from our university, the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is automatically terminated at the end of the convocation term (e.g. if a student has convocation in June, their UHIP will automatically be terminated by the end of August unless otherwise requested). Currently, Sun Life Financial, the health insurance provider for our international students, does not have a health insurance plan for students once they have graduated.

  • How do I extend my UHIP?

    Students are allowed a one-time extension with Sun Life Financial. Since students are automatically enrolled until the end of the convocation term, the extension is automatically applied (this extension can be removed if requested). Only one extension is allowed under the UHIP contract.

    Example: If convocation is in June, a two-month extension will be applied, making August 31 the UHIP termination date.

    To extend your coverage, contact International Education.

  • What are my other health insurance coverage options?

    International students who stay in Canada past the end of the convocation term (August 31) are responsible for finding a health-insurance provider and acquiring health insurance. 

    Students may wish to research the following providers for provincial replacement insurance/OHIP replacement insurance:

    For more information, contact International Education.

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