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Faculty and Staff

Why consider becoming a host?

The holidays and school closures can be lonely for international and exchange students who are away from their families and friends. The Holiday Host Program allows UOIT staff and faculty to help these students stay connected and feel less isolated during these times.

Hosting also provides a unique opportunity for international and exchange students to engage in seasonal or cultural traditions and celebrations they may otherwise not have the chance to experience.

Frequently asked questions about hosting

Am I expected to host students overnight?

No. The Holiday Host Program is not meant to run overnight.  

How long must my event run for?

It depends on the host. We recommend a minimum two-hour event.

Does my event have to be in the evening?

No. It depends on the host. You may choose to do a brunch or daytime event.  

Can a non-UOIT staff/faculty member register to host students?

No. As staff and faculty, you are already entrusted with the safety of our students. As this is a university program, it is expected that both hosts and students adhere to the UOIT Code of Conduct. That same expectation cannot be placed on non-UOIT staff/faculty.   

Can I host students somewhere other than my home?

Yes. If, for example, a friend or family member is hosting a holiday event and you would like to take students with you there, then you would register to host the students at that location. You are still the students' host and therefore responsible for them.