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The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) offers students a variety of unique international academic experiences to complement their studies. UOIT accepts inbound exchange students; it also encourages students to participate in an outbound international exchange program at one of its partner institutions. 

Participating in an international exchange program offers the following opportunities:

  • An extraordinary educational experience.
  • Experiential learning in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Global perspectives that will expand career opportunities.
  • The opportunity to build a global network.

When participating in an international exchange, students will gain a unique learning experience and will continue to receive academic credits that can be used towards a home institutional degree. During an exchange with a partner institution, students will continue to pay the home institution tuition fee and will not be responsible for international fees.

7 reasons to go abroad as a canadian student

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If you are interested in participating in an outbound or inbound exchange or would like to learn more about exchange opportunities at UOIT, please contact the International office.

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