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It is important to consider trip cancellation, property insurance and health insurance before departing for an international exchange. 

Property insurance

Some homeowner’s insurance policies contain a clause about extending worldwide. Check your policy to see if additional coverage is needed. Learn about what your insurance covers:

  • What are the deductibles?
  • What is the maximum you can claim?
  • What items will not be covered?

Health insurance

It is imperative to ensure you have proper and adequate health insurance and medical coverage during your exchange. Provincial health plans only cover a set fee rate for emergency health services outside Canada. Before you start looking for health insurance, make sure you do not already have coverage through your university or your parent’s plan. Once you establish your coverage, make sure to consider the following:

  • Does the plan include hospitalization coverage for accidents and illnesses while abroad?
  • What is the maximum amount of coverage?
  • Are there any deductibles?
  • Will the plan include emergency room/transportation expenses?
  • What is the coverage for medical evacuation?
  • What is the coverage for repatriation?
  • Does the plan cover doctor’s visits and prescription drugs?
  • Does the plan include dental coverage?
  • How do you file a claim?
  • When does the plan begin and end?

Understand your health insurance policy and how bills are paid. Carry the details of your insurance with you, and make sure they are in a safe location. If you do receive medical attention during your international exchange, request detailed invoices.  Always submit original receipts for any medical services or prescriptions you received during you time away.

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