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Passports, visa and travel documents

Before departing for an exchange, it is important to ensure that you have a valid passport, visa and/or study permit when needed.


Your passport is your official identification used when traveling. If your passport will expire within six months of your departure, it is important to check with you destination embassy or consulate to learn about the rules and regulations associated with the validity and expiration of your passport. Many countries will not allow you to leave if your passport is close to expiring. Having a passport that is valid up to six months after your return to Canada will prevent challenges associated with passport expiration.


A visa gives official permission from foreign governments for you to enter their countries and to stay for a specific period of time, and for a specific purpose. Visas vary from a stamp in your passport upon arrival at the time of entry to an official document with a photo attached. When participating in an outbound exchange, you will require a visa to travel to certain country. It is important to check with the consulate or embassy well before travelling to confirm the documents needs and the visa requirement for visiting the host institution.

Travel documents

Students are responsible for making sure the following documents are submitted to the International Office before departing for an exchange:

  • Outbound Application
  • Student Travel Form
  • final study plan (signed by faculty)
  • couse outlines (host institution)
  • Student Exchange Nomination Letter
  • UOIT Exchange Acceptance Letter
  • acceptance letter from host institution
  • Photo Release Form
  • Travel Waiver
  • ROCA registration
  • travel itinerary
  • accommodation information
  • copies of:
    • passport
    • visa/study permit
    • student card
    • health insurance
    • driver’s licence
  • emergency contact information
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