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Preparing to leave

Please review the following items to consider before you depart for your exchange:

Why are you participating in an exchange?

  • motives
  • expectations
  • approaches

What are your goals?

  • short terms goals
  • long term goals

Financial planning:

  • scholarships and bursaries
  • financial assistance
  • complete an income and expense worksheet

Accommodations and transportation:

  • When you arrive – transportation from airport to accommodations.
  • Where you will stay – short term and long term agenda.
  • How to commute safely during your stay.

Pre-departure details:

  • keep a journal/blog
  • get a guidebook
  • banking overseas (currency exchange, bank account, transferring funds)
  • money (e.g. emergency funds)
  • proof of immunization
  • mail, phone, email
  • health insurance
  • external hard drive
  • credit and debit cards

Things to do:

  • Be mentally prepared for your journey.
  • Make sure your passport will not expire during the time you are away. Some countries require that your passport be valid for six months after your planned return.
  • Arrange for the appropriate visas and/or permits.
  • Arrange for method of banking.
  • Make copies of all important documents (e.g. credit cards, passport, health insurance, telephone numbers/addresses).
  • Leave a copy of important documents with someone at home.
  • Register online with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development's Registration of Canadian Abroad (ROCA).
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