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Science Without Borders: Frequently asked questions

What is the SwB program at UOIT?

Information regarding the Science without Borders (SwB) program can be found on the Government of Canada website. You can also visit the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE) Ciência sem Fronteiras site.

How many SwB students have come to UOIT?

Since September 1, 2012, UOIT has hosted 79 SwB students. Students have been enrolled in various programs within the faculties of:

  • Business and Information Technology
  • Engineering and Applied Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Science

What are the program requirements for SwB students?

SwB students participate in two academic semesters and one internship semester during their time at UOIT. The Brazilian SwB program at the university is an opportunity for Brazilian students to learn through research, courses and industry internships in Canada. If you require further information about this program, please contact the International office.

Do SwB students need health insurance?

SwB students need health insurance when they are in Canada. They generally have health insurance coverage provided through government sponsorship. If you have further questions regarding health insurance coverage for SwB students, please contact the International office.

Do SwB students have work permits?

SwB student must have a study permit and a work permit. Considering they participate in both course work and internships, they need to have both permits before entering Canada.

Can SwB students leave the program early?

SwB students are encourage to complete the program requirements. If a student needs to leave the program early, he or she should inform CBIE and the International office.

Are SwB students able to move away from the local community for an internship?

Student are encourage to pursue all local resources and internship opportunities before considering relocation. If a student finds an internship that requires relocation, it must be approved by CBIE and the International office.

How do SwB students register for courses?

Students will need to fill out a Temporary Study Plan and discuss courses with an Academic Advisor. Please visit the Course selection and enrolment section for further details.

Are SwB students guaranteed enrolment in specific courses?

Course enrolment depends on faculty approval (i.e. having prerequisite courses) and availability. 

Where do SwB students do their internships?

Students are able to do their internship placements in either research or industry. Since the first cohort of SwB students arrived at the university in September 2012, the industry placements within the local community have increased. Students are able to gain practical experience in Durham Region while maintaining their residence in Oshawa, Ontario.

During a research placement, students have been able to gain valuable experience with faculty members who are conducting research at the university. The students are engaged in research areas that enable them to use the skills and knowledge gained in the classroom.

Where can an SwB student live while attending UOIT?

SwB students have on- and off-campus housing options. Please visit the Housing section for more details.

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