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Course selection and enrolment

Below is an outline of the process for selecting and enrolling in courses. Courses become available at the beginning of July for each academic year. Not all courses are available each year or session. See the information below to determine course availability.

In early July, our International Education office will send you the name and email address of your faculty Academic Advisor who will be happy to assist you with selecting and enrolling in your courses.

  • Step 1

    Students should choose courses from our university's Undergraduate Academic Calendar and fill out a Temporary Study Plan. Please email the form to the International Education office once complete.

    Please note:

    • You must select courses that are offered during the semester of your exchange (many courses are only offered during one semester within the academic year).
    • Course registration numbers (CRN) and section numbers can be found using our Class Schedule Search (the term must match your exchange term).
    • Undergraduate students are not eligible to enrol in graduate courses.
    • Students can be enrolled in a maximum of five courses per semester.
    • Students should choose additional courses (a minimum of seven) on the Temporary Study Plan form, with the consideration that course enrolment is based on faculty approval and availability.
    • Courses should be ranked by priority on the Temporary Study Plan.
    • Students should state the name of the prerequisite course they have completed on the Temporary Study Plan form and submit the course outline or syllabus of the completed prerequisite course for academic approval.

    Download the Temporary Study Plan:

    Study Plan Form

  • Step 2

    After you have submitted your Temporary Study Plan, the International Education office will send it to your Academic Advisor for review and approval. 

  • Step 3

    Once courses have been approved by an Academic Advisor, students will be able to register for courses on the MyCampus website. When students are enrolled in the courses they have chosen, an Academic Advisor will send a confirmation of enrolment.

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